Digital Menu Signage

Manage your screens, fast, simple, at any time and from any place.

Let’s bring your menu to life!

Digital Menu Signage

Manage your screens, fast, simple, at any time and from any place.

Let’s bring your menu to life!

Digital Menu Boards

Modernize your restaurant with digital menu boards and improve customer experience

Increase sales | Improve customer experience | Easy to use | Affordable

Why Use Our Digital Menu Board?

Go digital with flexible and dynamic designed menus to engage customers and drive sales

  • Easily update your menu with just a few simple clicks.
  • Modernernize your menu to engage and grab customers attention.
  • Improve customer experience through clear and easy to read menus.
  • Save money by eliminating print cost by switching to digital menus.

Digital Menu Board Features

Customizable Templates

Flexible tools used to divide screen into multiple areas and create unique layout using graphic editor.

Offline Playback

Maintaining a permanent internet connection to your screen is not necessary since the internet is only required to upload settings or monitor screen status

App Store

Access a variety of apps which can be integrated into the design to customize content.

Device Groups

View devices and group them to allow same schedule and for ease of publishing contents.

Smart Scheduling 

Schedule content in advance to show different contents such as menu, promotions and videos.

Access & Roles 

Users can be assigned devices, groups and modules to which they have access to

Digital Menu Board FAQs

What is a digital menu board?

When Paper menus are displayed in a digital format on TV screens across your cafe, resturant, or dining area, it is termed as a digital menu board

What are the benefits of digital menu boards?

Digital menu boards are an economical replacement to the paper menus. They are easily updated and grab more attention due to their eye-pleasing content.

How do digital menu boards work?

Our cloud-based software allow menu updates to be easily uploaded and displayed on the digital screens. Prices or items can be updated instantly as well. The content once pushed on TV screens keeps playing in the loop

What are the hardware requirements for digital menu boards?

Digital menu boards can work on any TV screen but additional hardware like Amazon Firestick or Andriod box needs to be employed.  If you have Andriod TV then you can directly install software to run digital menu boards.

What is a content management system?

This is where you upload and run your menu and digital content;  If  there is an interruption in the internet service, your content will keep running locally, you only need internet when first setting up and for any menu or content updates.

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